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Intelligent dispensing equipment will be used to dispensing work in the bonding of mobile phone glass cover plate and screen. The glue will be applied to mobile phone products by dispensing machine. There are many kinds of glue on the market, but not ever.



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The reason why the high-speed dispensing machine can do non-contact dispensing work on the product is closely related to the principle of the injection valve. It can be said that the high-speed dispensing machine can do non-contact dispensing work by the .



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If glue is quickly solidified, it will become one of the common problems in the production process of some products. There are many kinds of glue, some of the glue curing speed is very fast, but some of the glue curing speed is relatively fast, after the .



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Flat screen adhesive has a very high requirement for adhesive quality. If the quality of flat screen adhesive is not up to standard, it will easily affect the full screen adhesive technology. Flat screen adhesives in addition to the quality of adhesive bo.



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There are many dispensing problems caused by insufficient glue supply, such as leak point, uneven glue discharge, inconsistent glue point, and influence of dispensing counterpart. However, there are some reasons for insufficient glue supply in circular vi.



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The selection of dispensing needle needs to be based on many factors to select the needle suitable for the industry. Different industries will select the suitable dispensing needle according to the glue characteristics. For example, the clutch dispensing .



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A high-speed automatic dispensing machine belongs to the high-speed automatic dispensing machine, can be used in several different industries in the production and application of high-speed automatic dispensing machine manufacturers complete bonding, pack.



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Instant glue is very common in the life of the glue, such as a 101 yuan a glue, which is instant glue, instant glue the characteristics of instant solidification, will not exceed a maximum of two seconds and solidification, very strong, so the high-speed .



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With the further expansion of the application of dispensing, high demand for production line of the dispensing machine of the increasingly high demand, need to have intelligence, comprehensive functions, wide applicability industry etc., and most users un.



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The function of comprehensive high speed dispensing machine from the actual situation does not seem to exist completely, the industry wide applicability of high-speed automatic dispensing machine function more comprehensive, adhesive, coating, filling and.



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High speed dispensing machine using silica gel silica gel dispensing, dispensing process may occur due to glue problem, certainly will not affect the product quality, but fell to the dispensing substrate, while making the dispensing materials can play a r.



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There are a lot of factors with the dispensing accuracy of a relationship, each kind of factors have different effects on the degree of precision dispensing, dispensing valve and dispensing needle will directly affect the use of dispenser dispensing accur.



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The solidification rate of the instant dry glue is faster. In the process of the glue, it is easy to make the solidification phenomenon in the needling needle, so that the glue needle is blocked and the glue work is affected. There are many kinds of dispe.



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At present, many manufacturers are producing automatic dispensing machine, spray type automatic dispensing machine has not completely universal, basic is the use of high-speed precision dispensing machine for production, which requires the use of glue dis.



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In the purchase of high-speed precision dispensing machine, most users will according to the dispensing quality, dispensing parameters, price and other aspects of selection, will choose high speed precision dispensing machine installed for dispensing work.



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The glue dispenser has a wide range of use, which can be used in electronic parts, mobile components, LED energy-saving lamps, integrated circuits and other products. For convenience, there are many kinds of dispensing machine. One of them is high-speed d.



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In order to facilitate the selection, there are also many kinds of dispensing machine, such as a common desktop type automatic dispensing machine, high speed precision dispensing machine, LED automatic dispensing machine, while the three has the advantage.



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The main application of high speed precision dispensing machine in the production of adhesive execution process, can help the user to complete dispensing work more comprehensive high quality, the user can through high speed precision dispensing machine to.

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