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Conical needles are sold without contacting anyone. They can be purchased directly from Alibaba stores. There are various types of conical needles. Then they can be purchased according to your needs without price. If there is no quantity requirement, you .

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The dispensing pressure barrel is a kind of accessories produced for dispensing industry in China. It is similar in size and size, such as 3L, 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 80L, 100L and so on. It is also larger, but it needs to be customized, because few .

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Brief introduction of American dispensing syringe The main material of American dispensing needle barrel is made of PP material, and the piston used is made of fine workmanship. The application of visual positioning dispensing machine in dispensing links .

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Fluid dispensing valve can dispense all kinds of glue, which is often used in dispensing industry. The valve is mainly made of stainless steel aluminum, with good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages, the application of this high-str.

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The outlet diameter of large flow dispensing valve is relatively large, so the amount of glue discharged is more than that of other valves. It is widely used in large area dispensing products such as anti-theft door spraying, wall lamp filling and so on. .

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Pressure dispensing barrel is an important part for storing and transporting glue. Pressure dispensing barrel can store glue without affecting the properties of glue, and can automatically transport glue in the process of production. It is one of the nece.

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AB glue dispensing drum and AB dispensing valve have the same curvature, can store AB glue, but a kind of plastic one belongs to aluminum alloy manufacturing, two have the same quality difference, can achieve the AB glue use requirements, but in the glue .

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Injection needle belongs to a kind of mixed needle, can strengthen the mixing degree between glue, more in line with the current two-component injection machine, injection needle is also divided into several types, in line with the two-component injection.

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The spraying dispensing machine can finish the spraying production without touching the product. The spraying process is adopted in the automatic dispensing machine, which avoids the problem of scraping products when the automatic dispensing machine is wo.

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Dual-component dispensing machine is also a member of the automatic dispensing machine, can meet the requirements of clutch glue injection, but the need to use a special type of injection needle, injection equipment manufacturers can buy suitable parts fo.

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High speed automatic dispensing machine belongs to the comprehensive function and applicability is very broad industry equipment, which can enhance the efficiency and quality of the user demand for products, and also can reduce the cost of human resources.

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With the rapid development of science and technology in China in recent years, the popularity of the dispenser is more extensive, for example: printed and sealed precision machinery, electronic device stripes, electronic components of the paste, and IC pa.

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The Longmen cantilever high speed glue dispenser is a kind of automatic glue dispenser. It has a special cantilever manipulator and a Longmen mechanical structure. The cantilever structure is beneficial to the fixing of the needles of the spot glue, and t.

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The on-line battery high speed dispensing machine as the name implies, dispensing link is mainly used in battery filling, automatic dispensing mode most of the time to help users save, through uninterrupted power supply technology for mass dispensing work.

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The design inspiration of Longmen type high speed dispensing machine mainly from Longmen crane, the double support structure to achieve high work load, compared with the traditional single arm support is more stable, dispensing link so it is widely used i.

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General storage glue dispensing machine are used in rubber specific, this rubber is generally the use of rotational molding manufacturing, and high speed dispensing machine will achieve high speed automatic dispensing work, glue demand is relatively large.

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Metering type high speed dispensing machine overall use of stainless steel, some parts are not used dispensing machine of stainless steel, so there will be some dispenser parts are consumables, after a period of time to carry out a check on the dispenser,.

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The dispensing process is relatively complex single execution micro dispensing every link may affect the final effect, need to do the preparatory work, the five axis high speed dispensing machine is a machine capable of performing repetitive micro dispens.

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