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The function of guide rail in automatic high speed dispensin

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The domestic high-speed dispensing machine after years of development, dispenser technology has also been a lot of improvement, high speed dispensing machine is now the configuration of the manipulator, the use of accessories can make the dispensing machine three-dimensional dispensing and automatic operation, can also improve the dispensing speed, to promote the development for dispensing machine the guide is a mechanical arm, operation rules, can make the mechanical arm does not shift the high speed dispensing machine.
Large visual high-speed dispensing machine
High speed automatic dispensing machine preparation work is very necessary, the mechanical arm high speed dispensing problems occur frequently with rail to some extent, in each dispensing process, as long as the dispensing time is too long, the Z axis will appear automatically shift to different extent, it will affect the dispensing efficiency and quality, in the exclusion of Z axis after the problem, but also the need for a check on the rail, because of high speed dispensing machine in continuous dispensing, the mechanical arm and the guide rail friction occurs, so there is a certain degree of wear of rail, is not conducive to high speed glue dispensing.
Full automatic multi function high speed dispenser
The guide rail is responsible for the operation of the mechanical arm, as long as the rail appears what problems will directly affect the mechanical arm, and the mechanical arm will affect the dispenser, which is a progressive relationship. After being worn, there is a way to repair the rail, you can use metal patch repair or replace the guide rail, the automatic system will not be damaged, so that the normal operation of the high speed dispenser.
Large high speed dispenser
Automatic dispensing machine using this guide is fixed to the arm, but also in order to improve the speed of automatic dispensing, dispensing machine and 3D also with guide rail operation, because there is a stepper motor as the power output, can assist the mechanical arm automatic operation.

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