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Spray valve of Longmen high speed glue dispenser

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Dispensing machine spray valve is generally unable to use this valve, Longmen high-speed dispensing machine dispensing equipment is not generally, why? Because the dispenser is a large dispensing dispensing equipment, perfect function, dispensing technology is mature, have CCD vision system can meet all industries and all the glue dispensing. Can carry out the operation and dispensing, Longmen high-speed dispensing machine is a cost-effective equipment.
Single spray liquid dispensing valve
Longmen high speed dispensing machine is a kind of domestic dispenser equipment, according to the requirements of development of domestic dispensing equipment, basic dispensing requirements are able to meet, the spray valve dispensing machine configuration, dispensing technology will make a nickname, spray valve for injection valve, this valve has a lot of dispensing machine are in use, such as high speed dispensing machine, peristalsis dispenser etc., are the use of spray valve for dispensing operation.
Full automatic high speed dispensing valve
The use of spray valve is to have a lot of good, high speed and high speed spray valve mechanical arm can be combined with high speed dispensing, now the business is the pursuit of rapid production, of course also should pay attention to the quality of the product, Longmen type high speed dispensing machine using the injection valve in addition to high speed glue, can also be non-contact dispensing operation that can effectively reduce the defect rate of products.
Longmen type double station high-speed glue dispenser
The use of this dispenser equipment need attention, dispensing machine used for a long time there will be some problems, Longmen high-speed dispensing machines also have this problem, want to have high-speed production, need to maintain dispensing machine, Longmen dispenser will because of voltage instability will appear Z axis offset problem. If the production of voltage instability can be installed online UPS power steady voltage, thus dispensing machine will not appear offset problems.

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