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According to dispensing, gluing and bonding technology in automobile enterprises, it has been more than fifty years. Recently, due to the higher and higher commercialization standard of auto parts gluing, the raw materials used in automobile production ar.



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The automatic dispensing system is composed of three parts: multiple pressure buckets, two-component dispensing valve, and then two-component dispensing equipment. In addition, we specifically need to clean the needle, plastic shell and metal material tem.



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Dispensing machine is suitable for single liquid glue and double liquid glue. Most production workshops choose single liquid dispensing machine mostly. If users need to choose, they need to have a certain understanding of the two. Therefore, this paper wi.



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The development of domestic dispensing machine originated from: 2005-2007, the development of domestic private dispensing machine manufacturers originated from. It was originally an agent + independent R amp; D, or a manufacturer in the automation technol.



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For you to explain the common use of high-speed dispenser for three anti glue applications: 1. Application of polyurethane three proofing adhesive Advantage: the material is brittle and has excellent solvent resistance. Not only the excellent waterproof e.



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It is true that many hot-melt glue dispensing equipment consumers come and go will encounter a kind of situation, which is to solve the problem of hot-melt glue wire drawing when the hot-melt glue machine is out of glue. How to deal with this problem? Hot.



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Vacuum glue filling machine is a kind of equipment which can carry out glue filling under the condition of vacuum. Compared with the general type of filling machine, the obvious difference comes from pumping into the vacuum field, which will immediately i.



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With the development and expansion of manufacturing industry, electronic equipment continues to appear in social life, and the demand for electronic equipment becomes more and more diversified, and the desire for it continues to rise! Most of the electron.



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No matter manual or visual dispensing machine is used to operate 502 dispensing, it is likely to dry and solidify, so some customers ask how to remove 502 glue when dispensing. According to the experience summary of small and medium-sized knitting, we can.



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The horn can be repaired by automatic dispensing machine. However, a series of instructions are needed before repairing the horn. Horn sound film dispensing Some of the users of electrical appliances are puzzled by the choice of which kind of adhesive for.



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The gluing equipment can complete all kinds of dispensing processes, specifically for the reason of three-axis mechanical arm. With the help of three-dimensional space form, the round gluing process can be completed. Only by mastering the gluing equipment.



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The following is a brief description of the common application problems of various glue solutions Epoxy glue Quality guarantee period 1. Different products have shelf life. According to industry standards and industry specifications, shelf life refers to .



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The principle of pressure barrel is to master to meet the requirements of production management. Although the pressure barrel of masterglue is relatively simple, it is unnecessary to master. Unreasonable use can easily lead to safety risk problems. Many p.



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The general promotion and selection of dispensing machine is an important progress preparation in Chinas overall planning. After all, it involves national security, national defense construction, large-scale high-tech and the progress of cutting-edge scie.



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The operation efficiency and dispensing accuracy of a dispensing machine depend on many factors. In every step and link of the production process, the overall measurement and strict control of the supply and demand and the testing of dispensing equipment .



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How to deal with the visual dispensing problem when the automatic visual dispensing machine is used? There are two parts of the equipment, software and hardware. The structure and function of these two parts are very complex. Many problems will occur if w.



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The hot-melt adhesive has 100% solid composition, with spacing, which prevents boundary curling, bubbles and cracks. The following is how much the hot-melt adhesive heating temperature meets the normal operation. Hot melt adhesive block The dispensing ste.



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The wide use and basic performance of dispensing machine in many industries are inseparable. According to different types, cold glue or hot glue can be used. This time, the difference between cold glue and hot glue is explained, which is to make it easier.

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