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The problems and influencing factors that should be paid att

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White latex is made from emulsion polymerization of water dispersive medium. It can be coated with white latex, such as carton bonding, sticky board, wood furniture and furniture assembly. When used, it includes viscosity control method, the need to use special white glue dispenser, and how long the white latex should be dry. All these factors should be taken into account, because this is a lot of operation in white coated latex. There will be doubts and problems.
White ecological white latex
Problems and Curing Adjustment in Use of White Latex
The bonding strength of paper products is affected by the strength of white latex, including the bonding of cartons and the use of white latex when bonding wood boards. If the production is of high precision and large production capacity, it is recommended to use the automatic control white latex dispensing machine to complete the dispensing and coating production. After setting parameters and execution path of the control board, the white latex can be normally controlled by the control valve to ensure that the white latex is coated. The automatic dispensing control quality of white latex dispensing machine needs to adjust the bonding strength before operation and adjust the pressure parameters of dispensing machine considering curing time, so as to make it more suitable for bonding wood boards and cartons. Some users do not know how long the white latex dries and how to promote it. In this edition, it is recommended to speed up the mixing speed to make it uniform before applying the white latex. At the same time, adding a little hydrochloric acid can promote the curing speed and quality of ferry house.
Bonding of Small Carton
Define the Critical Point of Coating Effect
Users need to know how long the white latex dries and how to control the quality of the white latex. The white latex dispenser is used to bond wood boards and cartons. The properties of the white latex are stable. The viscosity of the white latex can be adjusted by temperature or water dilution. However, the white latex should be heated up to over 30 C first, and mixed slowly with water above 30 C before it can be used evenly. The use value of latex dispenser can be improved.
Double Needle Barrel White Latex Dispensing Machine
The quality and precision of white latex are affected by the dispensing machine controlled by automatic control, and the influence on manual adjustment can not be neglected.

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