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High-speed dispensing machine operation edge gluing quality

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Many types of semi-finished products need to apply precise and high-speed dispensing technology to the edge gluing work, including mobile phone frame gluing and metal buckle coating batch production needs to use special high-speed dispensing machine for gluing, medium-sized recommended use of high-speed dispensing machine with visual function of visual dispensing machine. For gluing standard equipment, visual inspection device is used for functional positioning. The controlled path is uniform and stable. Batch application of gluing on the edge of mobile phone frame and metal buckle is good. So this special dispenser is used to control gluing uniformly and has strong gluing control effect.
Seam filling and gluing
The industry demand of stabilizing edge glue is large
There are many applications requiring uniform and stable gluing at the edge, including mobile phone frame gluing and metal buckle coating, etc. In order to cover the glue to the bonding position to achieve reinforcement, the slit edge of mobile phone frame needs to be filled with gluing before bonding on both sides, and metal buckle needs to be in the ring groove of the surface. Uniform coating and gluing equipment should have good linear integrity and consistency. High-speed dispensing machine with visual inspection device is needed to be used in batch production of mobile phone frame gluing and metal buckle coating. Visual dispensing machine can ensure the stability of accuracy and efficiency in such links, and it is unique. Visual inspection device is inseparable.
Mobile phone frame coating
High Intelligence of Visual Function Dispenser
As a high-speed dispensing machine for visual positioning, the visual dispensing machine matched with the visual detection device has high positioning accuracy and stable operation without fixing other precise fixtures. PC control parameters set the path and quantity of gluing in order to perform automatic gluing and gluing work, and adjust it by feedback signal. In order to meet the requirement of batch production of mobile phone frame glue or metal buckle coating, a stable high-speed dispensing glue coating mode is suitable for the industrial application of demand edge glue. It is inseparable that the high consistency of filling precision of edge slit is created with its unique visual detection device.
Large landing visual dispensing machine
Equipment with visual function usually outperforms standard equipment in execution efficiency and precision positioning. Intelligent positioning control function of visual dispenser can be devoted to batch production such as metal buckle coatings for a long time. Array programming ensures that the efficiency of edge gluing or coating conforms to production application. Need.

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