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Cleaning cycle of PU high speed dispenser

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Desktop PU high speed dispensing dispensing equipment is often used in industrial production, regular maintenance and cleaning of the dispensing machine is particularly important, the cleaning cycle is divided into small and large amplitude cleaning cleaning, if manufacturers exist and can directly make maintenance cycle agreement professional cleaning, if the user may wish to look at the cleaning Xiaobian recommended.
Double station PU high speed dispenser
Generally speaking is a year to do a cleansing machine, power off check and maintain work bearing parts dispensing is due to high speed work wear, if wear parts can be replaced and oil, if the internal parts are assembled with simple words can open a big cleaning.
Multi axis Pu high speed dispenser
Here it refers to the cleansing and not directly take water, instead of using UV cleaning to remove some of the PU high speed dispensing machine such as stubborn dirt, is to open to remove the internal parts of the equipment is not suitable for UV cleaning, cleaning the UV light source energy is strong, there are some internal parts of dispensing machine after UV easy after cleaning damage. If the high speed dispensing is used for a long time, the cleaning cycle can be shortened to half a year, and then the dust and humid environment which may exist in the working environment should be dealt with in time.
Four axis PU high speed dispenser
If it is a small amplitude cleaning it cycle is not too fixed, the operator found work on the machine can clean dirty, it is best to use some clean brush in Pu high speed dispensing machine without clean dust, and check the power supply contact when the power supply is normal, part of a foreign body into easily lead to contact bad, after a power use some methods which can be removed in the daily work is completed smoothly solve.

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