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Running speed of common automatic dispensing machine

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With the development of science and technology, the automatic dispensing machine has developed into a kind of flexible equipment which can adapt to the production of various products, and has overcome many defects of the previous dispensing machine, including high procurement cost, difficult installation, high maintenance cost, large equipment, complex structure, complex operation and other problems.
Double position control dispensing machine
The continuous optimization of automatic dispensing machine can bring more benefits to the enterprise, and it is the best choice for the enterprise to improve the production process and efficiency. At present, the automatic dispenser plays an important role in food, daily chemical, medicine and other fields. However, as an enterprise purchaser, before purchasing the dispenser, we must have a general understanding of the basic parameters of the equipment. Today, what is the operating speed of the automatic dispensing machine?
Double station three axis dispensing machine
Many empty dispensing machines run at 400 mm / s, which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, this is still a theoretical value, which may not be achieved in practice. As a buyer, I hope you know, don't be fooled by some salesmen, because in actual use, we must consider product technology, glue type, distribution path, etc.. Therefore, most dispensing machines put into use and production run between 80mm / s and 100mm / s.
When the glue viscosity is low, the distribution path is relatively simple and fast, the glue viscosity is high, the distribution path is complex and relatively slow, the glue viscosity is low, the adjustment is too slow, too much glue will be distributed, the glue viscosity is high, the jump is too fast, the glue will not be distributed, and the product distribution is uneven.
High speed coating and dispensing machine
The above is the operation speed of the common dispensing machine

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