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Understanding the structure and working principle of dispens

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Dispensing valve is the core part that dispensing equipment must be equipped with, which is mainly used for glue flow control. Glue quantitative control is mainly used to improve fluid flow control effect by setting air pressure value and controller parameters. At present, our valves basically use aluminum alloy and stainless steel as the core materials, and the positions using aluminum alloy materials will be anodized, so as to improve Improve corrosion resistance and durability, guarantee quality and improve service life. In fact, each type of valve will be made by different technologies, which is used for the production of viscosity and characteristics of each glue. That is to say, the structure and working principle of dispensing valve are different.
Single component dispensing valve
To understand the structure and working principle of dispensing valve, we need to start from the structure of dispensing valve. For example, there is a normally open and normally closed air pressure interface on the dispensing valve. The upper part is the cylinder and the lower part is the rubber cylinder. There will be a fault in the middle, which means to prevent the rubber cylinder glue from squeezing into the cylinder, resulting in the failure of dispensing. The rubber outlet valve will have a thimble axis to open and close the glue. If the lifting method is adopted, it can also suck back the glue, improve the glue breaking effect, reduce the probability of glue residue, avoid the phenomenon of leakage and wire drawing during dispensing. The rubber valve body adopts aluminum alloy anodizing, the diaphragm gasket adopts the latest tetrafluoroethylene material, and the part contacting the glue adopts aluminum alloy anodizing Corrosion resistant materials. Glue valves are usually used with glue dispensers
Large flow silicone coating dispensing valve
Working principle: send compressed air into the cylinder of dispensing valve, squeeze the glue from the pressure barrel into the cylinder, when the piston is in the upward stroke, the inside of the valve is full of glue, when the thimble pushes the glue forward, the inside glue will be squeezed out to the dispensing needle, and the amount of glue output depends on the air pressure value, glue output height and machine time setting. The above is the structure and working principle of dispensing valve.

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