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Cleaning process of Longmen high speed dispensing machine fo

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Aluminum Alloy is an alloy material widely used widely in aviation, automobile and machinery manufacturing industry application, the Longmen type high speed dispensing machine Aluminum Alloy built with high strength and pressure resistance and impact resistance and other advantages, can be used in high pressure production line, cleaning process has a variety of maintenance, the user for reference only.
Large Longmen high speed dispensing machine
Aluminum degreasing agent is used to Aluminum Alloy cleaning an efficient cleaning agent, Longmen type high speed dispensing machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient cleaning and other characteristics, so use only according to a certain proportion and then use clean cloth to wipe clean, then the residual aluminum degreasing agent on high speed dispensing machine can be used to clean water. Aluminum water-based degreasing agent can play the maximum effect of the non-toxic harmless environmental effects, remove dirt and deterioration of dispensing machine lubricating oil the effect is very good.
Alkali washing is a more effective cleaning method, alkali washing can use caustic soda or anhydrous sodium phosphate three high strength alkali cleaning, can effectively remove the foreign body Aluminum Alloy on some sediments, some special cleaning agent can effectively play the best cleaning effect. Aluminum Alloy after washing alkali were sandblasted with clean water to wash after a period of time, the Longmen Aluminum Alloy type high speed dispensing machine has better practicability and durability, of course, in the last part still need to use hot air dried in the drying chamber.
Dispenser cleaner
There are some special Aluminum Alloy material cleaning equipment on the market, the cleaning equipment is cleaned by ultrasonic, can remove some dirt stains Aluminum Alloy Longmen surface, through the digital control timing and heating can play the best cleaning effect, of course, need to determine whether dispensing applications using this device.

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