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Double liquid high speed glue machine will improve the quali

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A two-component glue by a rubber body of a catalyst and the common reaction, the bonding effect than single component glue more firmly, so most of the metal bonding work are required to use two-component glue dispensing, the double liquid dispensing machine is high speed dispensing equipment a support application of two-component glue dispensing. The quality of dispensing can enhance the production work using high-speed double liquid dispensing machine.
Landing type double liquid high speed glue machine
High speed double liquid dispensing machine has a plurality of dispensing station for dispensing a plurality of semi-finished products, to achieve directional mixing two-component glue through the spiral mixing tube, and connected to PC terminal can work in high demand programming, whether it is irregular or slit filling path dispensing can be set to meet the high demand for production in different industries, two component high speed dispensing machine will be able to accurately perform high speed dispensing work program.
Spiral static mixing tube
In the industry of metal production, metal through the dispensing process to strengthen the two contact surface bonding effect, and two-component glue adhesive strength and adhesive strength than single component glue, need to be mixed in proportion to invest in the practical application, through the use of double liquid dispensing can help high-speed metal production work to achieve the best bonding effect, support mixed 1:1 to 10:1 ratio, the applicable scope of two-component glue more broad, humanized design helps the operator to quickly get started.
Desktop double liquid high speed glue machine
The two fluid high-speed dispensing machine supports various dispensing needles, whether it is stainless steel dispensing needles or brush needles. The efficient and accurate dispensing effect will comprehensively improve the quality of production in different industries and create higher production benefits for users.

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