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The application of double liquid high speed glue dispenser i

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High speed double liquid dispensing machine and ordinary dispensing machine there are some differences, most only support the use of single component glue dispenser for dispensing, the application scope of the limitation, and high speed double liquid dispensing machine supporting the use of single component glue dispensing also supports the use of two-component glue dispensing, the scope of double liquid dispensing machine of high speed lighting is very wide. In the industry of electronic components, potting potting and PCB plate dispensing work can be accomplished through high-speed double liquid dispensing machine, most industry production relatively strong dependence on high speed double liquid dispenser.
Vertical double liquid high speed glue machine
A high speed double liquid dispensing machine is a large high-speed dispensing machine, dispensing work large work platform can also carry out a number of products, users can meet the demand of high production, rapid processing of two-component glue so as to achieve the best adhesion strength to high quality screw pump which perform dispensing work more smoothly and efficiently. Screw pump long-term use will not affect the precision of dispensing. Two-component glue to support a variety of proportion, whether it is the ratio of 1:1 or 10:1 ratio are applicable, and not because of the high viscosity glue dispensing work and influence the smoothness of double liquid dispensing valve can guarantee the stability of high-speed operation of the dispensing work and efficiency, in order to meet the industry demand dispensing work.
Desktop double component high speed glue machine
Most electronic products are made of metal, metal interface at dispensing effect determines the quality and working life, double liquid high-speed dispensing machine is equipped with high-speed automatic dispensing system for high precision dispensing cycle work, applied to different industries production work effectively enhance the service quality of the electronic products. Support a variety of two-component adhesive for dispensing, dispensing work completed more comprehensive user needs for different industries.

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