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Double component high speed glue dispenser used in glue work

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In electronic parts production, potting work is essential, by manual or automatic equipment will complete fluid infusion into electronic components in the electronic products, impact resistance and corrosion resistance of electronic components, encapsulating called package integrity using two-component glue can enhance the electronic parts. The two components using high speed dispensing machine is essential.
Single station double liquid high speed glue machine
A two-component high-speed dispensing machine is a special glue for two-component glue dispensing machine high speed, mixing strength through special glue mixing tube strengthen, support a variety of glue ratio dispensing, two-component dispensing valve can be two-component glue accurately at the target for accurate filling dispensing, show support teach for path programming connection operation, further enhance the dispensing work scope for filling irregular parts, two-component high-speed dispensing machine to help the operator to complete the work needs through programming positioning.
The use of two-component high-speed dispensing function in electronic components in electronic components encapsulating strengthen practical value, which has a certain shock resistance and corrosion resistance, prevent the electronic parts exposed to the environment affect the normal work effect in normal operation, to enhance the stability of electronic components in the practical application, through the use of two groups a high speed dispensing machine can eliminate traditional manual dispensing mode, the quality of electronic components to achieve efficient consistency.
Desktop double component high speed glue machine
Two component high-speed dispensing machine has the characteristics of small footprint, high efficiency and good quality. It is used in small production line or high demand production. The two component high-speed dispensing machine will greatly enhance the quality of electronic components.

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