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Intelligent equipment will lead the development of industry

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Our country has entered the stage of the late stage of industrialization, and development of intelligent equipment which help is inseparable, science and technology is the first productivity determines the production efficiency and quality, will effectively enhance the quality and efficiency of production through the use of a variety of intelligent equipment, dispensing technology has long been engaged in industry related people's concern more intelligent and efficient equipment will promote the development of the dispensing industry market.
Large high speed spray machine
In the dispensing industry high speed jet dispensing equipment belongs to dispensing equipment and efficient and practical through the intelligent spray glue has more advantages than work contact dispensing glue, a larger area is more uniform, fundamentally eliminate the emergence of glue problem drawing, to a certain extent, the glue conversion rate increased, for the user save the dispensing work material cost, the high performance of the intelligent dispensing equipment due to the high cost of manufacturing materials and technology, so is mainly used in some high demand dispensing work.
Desktop three axis high speed glue machine
Dispensing equipment of high performance very much, the two components of high speed dispensing machine is mainly used in two-component glue dispensing equipment, ordinary single component glue to two-component glue used to maximize the effect, through a unique blend of two-component high-speed dispensing machine is equipped with two kinds of reaction tube to strengthen the effect of fluid. The rate and strengthen the two-component glue bonding strength and strength, the two components of high speed dispensing machine and enhance the bonding effect of bonding quality, enhance the quality and stability of dispensing work, to help users achieve a variety of high demand dispensing work.
Visual intelligent high speed glue machine
The characteristics of the intelligent glue equipment are high efficiency, energy saving and wide application. The application of intelligent glue dispensing equipment will lead the market development of the glue spot industry.

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