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The application of the point glue machine in the chip packag

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The chip is a small integrated circuit chip, chip in most equipment is mainly responsible for the operation and processing tasks in intelligent chip applications is essential, the chip package is an important work in the production process, through the specific way the chip foot firmly adhered by glue to the effect on the PCB board the work package, through the dispensing equipment is essential.
Desktop metering high speed glue machine
The dispensing machine is the most manufacturing industries need to use a device based on glue precise control so that it can achieve the desired effect is uniformly coated in a variety of products such as surface, bonding, packaging, sealing and so need to use dispenser, the chip structure is very small so the dispensing equipment requirements are very high, need uniform coating and leakage and overflow problem does not occur at the bonding surface in the dispensing work, need to precisely control the dispensing machine with certain accuracy and the amount of glue, can use the metering type high speed dispensing machine to complete the work package chip metering dispensing function high speed precise control of glue and glue glue can ensure the accuracy, uniformity applied in the chip package, save material and improve work efficiency.
Semiconductor chip packaging
Due to market demand for higher chip, package quality and efficiency need to ensure uninterrupted work, use the online type high speed dispensing machine completes the dispensing work of this part of the demand of users, online type high speed dispensing machine working platform is large, can best meet the needs of chip package, support multiple chip package work this is another type of dispensing equipment is not able to do the work, dispensing equipment production work in high demand.

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