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Digital display high speed glue machine improves the quality

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At the present stage of electronic industry is entering the era of development in the new electronic components as the leading factor, an important component of the new electronic components to meet the development of digital technology and the development of microelectronics technology, new electronic components have replaced the traditional components of the trend, to meet the stage of Industrial Development, this kind of new electronic components need to complete the work package in the production process the digital high speed dispensing machine.
Micro glue controller
Packaging production process of electronic components is essential, through the dispensing package can improve the service life of electronic components, which has dustproof and moistureproof ability, can long used in automation equipment, digital high-speed dispensing machine is responsible for application to change the working parameters in the dispensing process, such as glue, dispensing time etc. the working parameters, to meet the needs of the production of electronic products quality, driven by the pneumatic flow glue dispensing mode digital high-speed dispensing machine, reduce dispensing preparations before investment.
Small glue controller
High speed digital dispensing machine display parameters through the LED, to facilitate the operator according to the actual situation and the demand for adjusting the error, a smaller deviation the dispensing accuracy of products to further enhance the implementation of high-speed dispensing mode, can guarantee the stability of product dispensing, if the supply pressure is too high will through the LED screen that reduces the frequency of problem dispensing work in.
Desktop digital display high speed glue machine
The digital display high-speed dispensing machine has a small footprint and can be applied to the production of many industries. It can also be applied to the filling and sealing part of products through the digital display high-speed dispensing machine. It is a fully functional and dispensing dispensing equipment.

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