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Production factors to be considered for the selection and pu

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The development of manufacturing industry and the market demand is closely related to the industry, choose the dispensing standards vary according to the price to buy some, some according to the purchase, should be selected according to the actual demand of dispenser purchase, such as the industry production specific requirements.
Visual metering high speed glue machine
If it is used in small package filling work products, the best choice for high precision dispensing equipment as accessories, such as chip bonding and packaging on the dispensing machine in addition to meet the higher requirements in high precision dispensing to meet production line efficiency, measurement type high speed dispensing machine is applied to precision production in use, through the metering dispensing glue can ensure uniform accurately coated on the bonding surface, to achieve efficient and practical packaging effect, measurement type high speed dispensing machine advantage makes its application in high precision dispensing work is very efficient and practical effect.
Desktop hot melt adhesive high speed glue machine
In the small furniture and similar crafts production requires a large amount of glue, glue dispensing machine, generally it is difficult to complete the work of the specific needs of the dispensing, dispensing machine can be used with a large flow of dispensing valve to meet this part of the special production requirements, these are according to the production demand and development, the user can choose a suitable dispensing equipment according to these characteristics.
Two component adhesive
Considering the application of glue, glue is only applied to some special targeted dispensing machine to complete, with a two-component glue for example, two-component glue only according to a certain proportion and then evenly stirred in order to achieve the best adhesion strength, by improving the two-component glue conversion rate double liquid dispensing speed function, help the needs of the user to complete specific dispensing work.

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