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The digital glue dispenser provides higher quality of the gl

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Digital dispenser dispensing equipment as new production in recent years, just one out, the broad masses of dispensing equipment application user's attention and love, then this digital dispensing machine have those features extremely advantage can obtain that the user's favorite? The digital high speed glue machine convenient adjustment, fast speed and high efficiency of dispensing the performance of the equipment, and dispensing than other same kind of more cheap, dispensing process of adverse rate can be up to zero point one percent, which is characteristic of other dispensing equipment can not be completed.
Large visual high speed glue machine
However, there will be some problems in the dispensing process of the more precise dispensing equipment. The digital display dispensing machine is also unavoidable. What problems should be avoided in dispensing process, and how to make the digital display dispensing machine provide higher dispensing quality for the manufacturing industry? Usually we need to pay attention to defects in production are: glue viscosity, bubbles and glue temperature, curing strength of a bad chip etc..
The first is the viscosity of glue, glue viscosity directly affect the dispensing quality, strong viscosity, gel point becomes small, sometimes will become good drawing and other problems; glue will strong viscosity increased, so may the permeation pad; so in the dispensing process according to different viscosity glue, reasonable selection of the back pressure and speed.
Instant glue
Bubble problem: bubble glue also can affect the dispensing quality problems, so the glue can not exist bubbles, a small bubble can lead to many no glue pads; so in every change should be discharged hose connection at the air, avoid the air play and other issues.

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