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The development of the glue making technology improves the q

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Nowadays our country's labor advantage has gone for ever, the manufacturing industry is also the driving force pressure, in fact, in recent years, most manufacturing enterprises will cost pressure as the power of innovation towards the intelligent direction, so is the dispensing technology, from the traditional manual dispensing into high performance automatic dispensing stage, at present see product demand driven dispensing machine sales trend will become more apparent.
Three axis high speed glue machine
Mainly used in dispensing technology production work package, adhesive, potting work before automatic dispensing machine does not appear, the early stage of labor cost is not so high, so most enterprises through manual dispensing, manual dispensing can satisfy a large part of the industry, however, which exposed the disadvantages are also obvious, the most obvious is the manual dispensing accuracy is insufficient, most products after dispensing quality is uneven, can not guarantee the consistency of production line, resulting in bad rate rise, and dispensing efficiency is not stable, it is difficult to meet the user's demand.
Single station high speed automatic glue dispenser
Intelligent dispensing equipment to solve the difficulties of the majority of users, high-speed automatic dispensing machine is a general-purpose dispensing equipment, there are more advantages than manual dispensing work, by positioning the automatic control system makes the dispensing, dispensing accuracy can meet most of the industry products, high speed dispensing can guarantee dispensing the effect of products reaching consensus, work can be applied to large adhesive dispensing products can also be used in the package link potting small electronic products, improve the quality and efficiency of dispensing dispensing, creating higher production efficiency for users.

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