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Precautions for the operation of high speed precision glue d

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Using the dispensing process need to pay attention to the operation problems and dispensing operations in different ways are some differences, the price difference is caused by the local, high speed and high precision dispensing machine operation is particularly simple, not much, as long as according to the instructions in the operation, so it can be the normal operation of high speed dispensing machine, in careful programming parameters need to use, can not be wrong.
Desktop high speed precision glue dispenser
High speed precision dispensing machine has two kinds of operating system, the first is the SCM control mode, the second is a hand-held control mode, the two are different operating modes, the general use of hand-held control mode more, this method is relatively simple, as long as the handle to control the output, each point of note the operation is time, need to use the circular arc point mode, point line, is to use the rectangular model, every point is the need to click, this is the second mode of operation is.
Double station high speed precision glue dispenser
The first single mode of operation requires the use of your computer operation, the need for programming into the MCU, using this mode of operation, dispensing parameters more strict, but the effect of dispensing this way is very good, are generally large dispensing machine using the dispensing mode, high speed and high precision dispensing machine using SCM operation mode also has the usability is very high, you need to pay attention to the operation parameter ratio.
Filling application
Application of high speed precision dispensing machine is very high, according to the effect of dispensing different, can use different modes of dispensing, dispensing mode are different to the effect of dispensing can be increased, otherwise the applicability will decline, high speed dispensing performance decreases, dispensing accuracy can not meet the requirements.

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