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The application development of the glue dispenser is closely

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Each application of a dispensing machine industry with technology, why each different types of dispensing machine application industry is not the same, because of the use of technology is not the same, some high precision, high speed, some good and some can automatic positioning, some use mixed glue dispensing technology and so on, so decide what industry can be used in dispensing the type of machine, glue machine on the market very much, this is the main reason.
Double station high speed glue filling machine
Application of organic silicon in the electronics industry, there has been a long time, use the glue dispensing equipment is the best high-speed silicone dispensing machine, because the application of precision dispensing technology and circuit board to the silica gel, so we need to use the dispensing machine to meet the technology, silica gel high speed glue dispenser can meet this technology the use of silicone glue, can also makes sense.
Double position silica gel dispenser
Now the development of rubber industry very fast, for the application of the dispensing requirements will gradually increase, the industry want to apply the glue, it is necessary to improve dispensing speed, technology is the main factor to improve the effect of dispensing, dispensing high rubber technology can be applied to several industries is not surprising, for example: desktop type high speed dispensing machine capable of using silica gel, silica gel, glue in the electronics industry, medical industry, communications industry and so on glue dispensing, this is the high technology of silicone dispensing machine.
Desktop silicone high speed glue machine
Choose a dispenser can not because of the cheaper price and choice in the industry as the main direction to choose the most appropriate dispensing machine can improve the production efficiency, not suitable for dispensing will only reduce production effect, high silica gel dispenser is a classic example of silica gel high speed dispensing machine to strengthen silica gel strength, but also improve the dispensing speed and dispensing effect.

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