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Features of full automatic high speed glue dispenser

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The automatic high-speed dispensing machine has wide application scope. The automatic dispensing machine can be used in electronic parts, toy making, mobile phone keypad, integrated circuit, semiconductor manufacturing, LED energy saving lamp and other industries. High speed automatic dispensing machine is composed of hardware and software, the hardware includes stepping motor, dispensing valve, guide rail, power switch, control system, and the soft part is by vacuum suction function, starting mode, dispensing valve working time, automatic mode etc.. The dispenser is dispensed according to the control system, dispensing flexibility is strong, and stepper motor can improve the dispensing speed, in the dispensing process, it can replace the manual dispensing.
Double station full automatic high speed glue machine
Due to the relatively high application industry of the automatic high-speed dispensing machine, there are many kinds of models for the high-speed dispensing machine. When selecting the full automatic high-speed dispensing machine, we need to choose the right dispensing machine according to the dispensing requirements of the rubber dispensers, so as to facilitate dispensing. When choosing dispensing machine, it can also choose the suitable dispensing needle with the size of internal force according to the properties of glue and the requirement of dispensing, so as to avoid the improper dispensing and the dispensing work.
Double station high speed automatic glue dispenser
Some high-speed automatic dispensing machine is arranged in the heating system, when the glue solidification phenomenon in the needle, can be used to start heating system makes the glue melting, convenient for dispensing work; in dispensing cases, vacuum suction button can be open, to avoid the phenomenon of dispensing work such as glue.
Black UV
For some special glue, such as UV glue, cyanoacrylate, use of the two kinds of glue dispensing work according to the nature of choosing the appropriate glue dispensing needle, avoid glue solidification too fast solidification phenomena influence dispensing work.

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