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Problems to be paid attention to in the purchase of high spe

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In today's industry, dispensers are widely applied, and are constantly updated with the requirements of the industry, ensuring that all industries can buy dispensers, so we have made high-speed dispensers for users to purchase.
Desktop desktop high speed glue machine
High speed dispensing machines purchased by the user are made of stainless steel, on the surface of the paint in the dispensing process, so as to avoid glue droplets in the dispenser cannot cause cleaning dirty dispenser, dispensing machine is the use of some iron, iron is easily corroded, so that at the time of purchase must select the stainless steel material and then, external structure inside the dispensing machine
Inside the dispensing machine is the integrated circuit a lot, the integrated circuit is used to control each axis position, each position the electric integrated circuit is calculated, the integrated circuit is very heavy, because there are many internal electronic components, an important component of these devices is the integrated circuit, each have each uses. But inside a large heat sink, the integrated circuit cooling, to ensure their normal work, so users pay attention to the choice of dispensing with radiator in the purchase of high speed dispensing, dispensing efficiency of this high speed dispensing machine is higher
Three axis high speed glue machine
When buying the most high speed dispensing machine should be noted that each axis precision parameters should be completely the glue machine production aspect of each axis, check whether the action criteria, and the view controller and its control are generally independent of memory, independent memory record dispensing method, buy high-speed dispensing be sure to check the machine parameters

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