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Multi axis dispenser's coating technology, which is the best

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The development of the coating process is faster and faster. The first manual coating process, which made a great contribution to our handicraft before many years, has gradually come to an end. Gradually replaced by machines.
Multi spindle dispenser
Equipment to replace manual coating technology
Multi-axis precision dispensing machine is to replace the manual coating process of the machine, in the CPU fan gluing, replacement of silicone grease, and so on, can be operated, such as the CPU fan gluing requirements of technology, can simultaneously carry out a number of products gluing task, so that can quickly meet the production needs, to achieve rapid dispensing task, and The glue effect is very good, and strengthen the fan quality.
Method of changing silicone grease
How does CPU silicone grease change? This method can also be used to replace, first to clean the old silicone grease, and then use a multi-axis precision dispensing machine to re-coating, which can improve the coating process, but also can enhance the effect of coating, many products are used in this way to operate, but the amount is not large, do not need to use such a prescription. To solve this problem, manufacturers can use such a method.
Precision dispensing machine
Choose a good dispenser manufacturer.
Coating process is directly related to the manufacture of multi-axis precision dispensing machine. CPU fan glue coating technology is not high, so the use of simple multi-axis dispensing machine can meet the production needs, but we need to know how to choose high-quality dispensing machine manufacturers, so that the quality of multi-axis dispensing machine can be guaranteed. Dongguan is one of the manufacturers with better technology, and has a long history in the research and development of coating technology.

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