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Desktop silicone high speed glue machine

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Desktop high-speed silicone dispensing system is a special silicone dispensing equipment, is very suitable to use silicone dispensing, dispensing function is also very good, can be used to many industries, particularly in the electronics industry, the industry is the main application of silica gel and electronic, machinery and automobile can be used to belong to a better performance of glue the performance of desktop high-speed dispensing machine is also very good, can use silica gel.
Double position silica gel high speed glue dispenser
Use the dispenser in the electronics industry, the performance requirement is quite strict, no high precision dispensing technology, generally can't be used to in these industries, because there are a lot of electronic devices on board, there are some very small devices, and the device isolation and neighborhood close to dispensing attached to the desktop, high-speed dispensing machine can make the silica gel glue can meet the precision control of 0.01ml, the use of glue.
Because interactive desktop type high speed dispensing valve thimble dispensing machine use, so there is such a dispensing accuracy, have a great relationship with the use of dispensing accessories, in addition to the interactive dispensing valve, or the use of Teflon needles and pressure hose, barrel, nano high speed motor, electromagnetic valve, simple controller, these are important the factors of desktop high-speed dispensing machine using silicone glue in the electronics industry.
Desktop double position high speed glue machine
Desktop type silicone dispensing machine can have a variety of dispensing technology, there are a lot of relationship with a good performance of dispensing, dispensing equipment, you need to use good parts, it can play a dispensing performance, can meet the requirements of the use of silicone dispensing, the valve is also required, need to use the interactive dispensing valve can for dispensing, otherwise there will be a lot of problems in the desktop dispensing, dispensing machine parts can be changed according to the use of glue, make use of a machine.

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